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PageTable: get parent


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Hey there,

for a current project i'm using the 'PageTable' Module, which works great!

I created several 'modules' (PageTables) that the user can choose from. I also allow the user to set a 'checkbox' to display an excerpt of the page on the homepage. Now it gets a bit tricky: when a page contains an 'event'-module, the event module gets also displayed on the frontpage. which also still works. my problem is that the ->url (obviously) returns the url to the page used by the PageTable field and not by the 'parent'-page.


for better understanding:

// get all pages (modules) with template 'event'
$featured = $pages->find('template=Veranstaltung, sort=-module_event_datestart, module_event_dateend>=today');
// get all pages marked with frontpage
$featured->add($pages->find('frontpage_show=1, sort=created'));


i loop through all the posts with some if statements e.g. for 'events'

<?php if ($child->template == "Veranstaltung"): ?>
	<div class="article__event">
		<?= $child->module_event_text ?>
		<a class="article__readmore" href="<?= $child->url ?>">read more</a>
<?php endif; ?>

All pages created by the PageTable module are stored in a page called 'never touch', so the $child->url returns something like: 'never-touch/never-touch-2018-2054/'

What i need is the url of the 'real' parent page. so if the event is created as a module of the page 'Exhibitions' i need to return the url of the 'Exhibitions' page and not of the PageTable page ('never-touch).


thanks for any tips!



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