[SOLVED] InputfieldInteger not found on Core Update

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500 Error after the latest Core Update.

I have no idea why and what causes the problem, or how to solve it. (Maybe reupload the wire folder?)




Any ideas? 

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4 hours ago, phillipschmitz said:

(Maybe reupload the wire folder?)

That's a pretty good idea right there ;)

If that doesn't help, I'd start by checking if /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldInteger.module exists and is readable to your Apache user. In case you have a /site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/ directory, I'd also clear that, just to be sure.

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What happens if you empty the contents of ".../site/assets/cache"? You might want to back it up first but normally it should not store any vital stuff.

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4 hours ago, phillipschmitz said:

After i reuploaded the wire folder and cleared the cache the error changed (activated the debug mode):


Processwire is still not accessible throug back- or frontend. 

FYI, Site is accessible through the frontend


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Not really sure where to go from here. The latest error itself seems to indicate that $config->preloadCacheNames is null, so either that setting is missing, or the entire config is not working right. Some things you might try:

  • Make sure that /wire/config.php exists and is readable for your Apache user
  • Check if $config->preloadCacheNames is set in /wire/config.php (value should be an array)
  • Make sure that you aren't overriding aforementioned config setting in /site/config.php

I must admit that I don't have a slightest clue about what has gone wrong here, so these are just random ideas. In theory it could have something to do with ProcessWire being installed in a subdirectory (haven't done that in ages myself).

According to your server, the PHP version shouldn't be an issue here, and since you're running on Apache, it's unlikely to be a web server issue – at least unless your host has done something strange for their setup.

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On 4/19/2018 at 9:03 AM, phillipschmitz said:

after the latest Core Update.

How did you update ProcessWire. Using some module? Manually? 

2 hours ago, phillipschmitz said:

Is there any other idea that i can test? 

For now, are you able to downgrade ProcessWire to the last stable version you had? What version of ProcessWire was that,  3.0.62? Does it work then? You can then upgrade incrementally, e.g. 3.0.62 to 3.0.7x to try replicate the issue. If you are able to do the test on a local server first, the better.

I'm probably clutching at straws here...

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Update: I found multiple empty files in the wire folder.

After i reuploaded the wire folder two days ago through the console, i didn´t check if every file was uploaded correctly. 

I opened the first file mentioned in the error and it was empty, so i uploaded it manually and repeated that process for 7 more files. 

Now everything seems to work fine.

I have absolutely no idea why or how this can happen, nor the correlation to the Core Update. Seems really strange. 


Anyway, thank you guys for your replies! 

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