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Passing a TWIG method via Hook...


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After some effort and endless searching for articles to lead me in the right direction, I'm stumped. I'm using Twig and have the following installed:

  • ProcessWire 3.0.98
  • Template Engine Factory 1.1.3
  • Template Engine Twig 1.1.0

In ready.php, I've added the following code (which works wonderful without Twig)

	$wire->addHookProperty('Page::summarize', function($event) {		
		$fieldName = $event->arguments(0);

		if(!$fieldName) throw new WireException("No field provided");
		// get max length or use 300 as default if none provided
		$maxLength = (int) $event->arguments(1);
		if(!$maxLength) $maxLength = 300;
		$page = $event->object;
		$value = $page->get($fieldName);
		if(!strlen($value)) {
			// requested value is blank, nothing more to do
			$event->return = '';
		// get beginning of value, without any HTML in it (if any)
		$value = mb_substr(strip_tags($value), 0, $maxLength);
		// if output formatting on, make sure value is entity encoded
		if($page->of()) $value = $event->sanitizer->entities1($value);
		if(strlen($value) >= $maxLength) {
			// limit length of returned value between words
			// by truncating to the last space character
			$value = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, ' '));
			// append an ellipsis to indicate there is more
			$value .= '…';

		$event->return = $value;

In my news.php template file, I have the following:

  namespace ProcessWire;

  $results = $page->children("template=news, limit=10, sort=-created");

And in news.html.twig I use something like this:

{{ summarize('result.body', 500) }}

Exception: Unknown "summarize" function. (in twig\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\modules\TemplateEngineTwig\TemplateEngineTwig.module line 94)

So far Processwire is awesome, I'm loving it!

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