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Compile error during upgrade to 3.x


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I'm trying to upgrade PW from 2.8 to 3.0 and get:

Compile Error: Cannot declare class Order\Order_Status, because the name is already in use (line 6 of /path-to-file/Order_Status.class.php) 

File Order_Status.class.php:

namespace Order;


class Order_Status {
   // ...

File where compiler breaks Master_Order.class.php:

namespace MM\User\Master;


use Order\Order_Status;

class Master_Order {
   // ...


I've checked FileCompiler cache and discovered that:

  • Order_Status.class.php is compiled as expected (e.g. there is 'SomeClass.php' wrapped by file compiler)
  • Master_Order.class.php is uncompiled as required_once('/path-to-file/Order_Status.class.php') is not wrapped

Most probably conflict appears as a result of Order_Status.class.php compilation and its usage at early stage (this class is used both in modules and in template files).

So my question is - how to fix compiler error in this case?

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@BitPoet thank you for link. Haven't heard about this setting, as well as about FileCompiler=?

Checked. Doesn't help. As far as I understand, because PHP compiler already declared class earlier.

Looks like in my case Order_Status.class.php should not be required_once as soon as it has been compiled somewhere before + class is in use already.

Or (I guess) Order_Status.class.php should never be compiled. But this scenario looks ugly to me as there are a lot of files that I need to prevent from compilation...).

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I think your files shouldn't be compiled (or at least the compiled files not used) at all. Does moving the namespace declaration to the very first line of your php files change anything? How you specify the include files' paths might also be relevant if you use different approaches in your class files and templates.

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