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From template to email the right way.


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    I'm developing a cooking recipes website, people subscribe to it to get daily recipes.

    What would be the best way to send emails to them using fields and images from a template and most important that those email can be opened from a mobile device and most email clients and see it correctly.



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To send emails from the template you would use WireMail, accessible in the API through $mail

To get values for your image and other fields, just use regular $page->image, $page->title etc.

The hardest part will be the cross-client responsive Email template. This is not a trivial thing to do.  Some resources:

If you send emails from ProcessWire and want to send them in plain text and in HTML, you typically construct the HTML email first and then convert that to a plain text version with something like

$emailMessageAdminHtml = "<h1>Some HTML</h1><p>with paragraph</p>";
$emailMessage = str_replace( "<br>", "\n", strip_tags($emailMessageAdminHtml, '<br>') );

// construct email
$mail->bodyHTML('<html><body>' . $emailMessageAdminHtml . '</body></html>');

// send


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