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Hello,i  am new here. A hour ago i bought a vps and i want  to make a website about movies.

- a home page

- a movie page with title, description,  trailer ,year and actors

-categories, tags 

- a complex search page by name,tags,year and acts

- posts, latest news (about site)


It's already to much :D

I leave wordpress,from my needs it's very complicated. So,minimal speaking, i can do that with this cms,and which is the steps? I don't know yet how this work.Thank you,and sorry for my eng.


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Hello and welcome to the forums!

You can certainly make a website like you describe with ProcessWire.  Have you checked the documentation?


Good article as an introduction:


About categorization (which seems to be one of the important part for your site):

Your first steps could go into creating templates (eg movie template) and create and add fields to it like, images, director, etc. 

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hi @bystefu and welcome to the forum!

elabx linked to great resources. However, I would highly recommend you walk through the https://processwire.com/docs/tutorials/hello-worlds/ tutorial step by step. Not only reading. Really doing and following step by step. This will show you the basics of processwire: How you create templates, how you put fields there, how you create pages and finally how you display them on the frontend.

I wish you good luck and hope you enjoy the journey :)

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