Hello If you like, you can now download a demo of this "setup" or "snapshot".
I think it's "ready enough" to try it and to see what you think. Donwload this installer file (Duplicator), put it in a web root and rename it to "installer.php"
http://pwdev.square7.ch/download/installer.php.txt Put this zip in the same web root
http://pwdev.square7.ch/download/2018-06-13_16-03-08-localhost.package.zip Call <yourweb>/installer.php and follow the instructions.
An empty MySQL Database is required. If everything went smooth, you can log in as "admin" under /processwire using password: agu3j$Fh832a Then edit "home". You can add, delete, move, resize, dialog-edit and inline-edit the items (colums). At the bottom of the page, you will find "Grid Settings". There you can define which breakpoint will be changed when using wysiwyg resizing.
This may be confusing if you change a breakpoint which does not correspond to your current screen width, because nothing happens visibly.
You can hover over each element to quickly see the column settings.
Some basic understanding of the Boostrap 4 Grid System is recommended (Link provided in the dialog). If you would like to change the german text in the demo, just select "Deutsch" where you see "Default" in the backend nav (AOS Feature). This demo is not about "stunning" design, it is kept as simple as possible showing the options which are there. If you would like to change the design, there is package.json in the root folder which should install everything you need.
"npm install" is your friend. 😉
In "/site/templates/scss/shared.scss" is the sass-code shared by front- and backend. There would a be lot more to say, but I think this is enough for the moment.
It's a demo, don't use it for your customers atm. 😉 Have fun!
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