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Downloading from php href

Eunico Cornelius

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58 minutes ago, flydev said:


check the doc :


Your link markup should be something like that :

<a href="{$page->myfilesfield->first->url}" download>download</a>


A tutorial :


I've seen this tutorial. However, I am trying to download the file by only using href="" and not tweaking _init.php. Let's say for example the file I have uploaded to the page is called sample.pdf . what would be the href parameter to download the file from the page?  


I tried this 

foreach ($page->files as $file) { 
        echo "<a href='{$page->files->url}' download>download {$file->name}</a><br>"; 

but it gives me a 403 error.

Sorry I am new to this kind of thing.

Help anyone?

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