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Selector operator *= does not always find a match

Marcel Stäheli

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I have a search-page that searches through pages using a search term with the selector operator *= . My problem is that sometimes it finds no results eventhough the term I'm looking for is clearly on several pages. It depends on the search term and I can't find no pattern when it finds something and when not.

If instead of *= I use the operator %= it always find the results as expected with the same search term.

body*=zoe      finds no results
body%=zoe     finds every page

why is that? What exactly is the difference between the two? The documentation just mentions that %= is slower.

I'm running the site on PW 3.0.95, but I also tested it on  3.0.88 with the same behaviour.

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From https://processwire.com/api/selectors/https://processwire.com/api/selectors/https://processwire.com/api/selectors/


The *= and ~= rely upon MySQL fulltext indexes, which only index words of at least a certain length (configurable, but typically 4 characters). They also don't index common English words called stopwords. So while it's preferable to use *= and ~= for their speed, if you aren't getting the results you need, you should consider using %= instead (if you can handle the speed hit).



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