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[solved] Do the PW commercial modules all support multilang?


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I can only speak by my experience with them, so:

ProCache: 100% support

ProDrafts : 100% support

FormBuilder: almost all fields support, but Options and Select fields. But there's a workaround.

ProFields: I think only Table won't accept multilanguage fields. The other profields work fine. 

ListerPro: I didn't use it yet, but I think it fully supports ML's as it is a extension of the basic lister.


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12 minutes ago, neosin said:

can you confirm if the profields repeater matrix support multi lang

I can :)

20 minutes ago, Sergio said:


definitely supports ML (although, it depends a bit if you also take into regard backend-usage... labels, fields - perhaps if you install an "exotic" language pack, some labels etc. are maybe not translated. But you can edit those yourself like in the PW-backend). But as far as handling ML content - yes, it supports all that.

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