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I had a look at this, and it seems it isn't possible to directly set the optionAttributes property of inputfields that extend InputfieldSelect. That is probably why @kixe made this module.

But what you can do is use a hook to remove the existing options, and then add them back with some attributes...

$wire->addHookBefore('InputfieldCheckboxes::render', function(HookEvent $event) {
    $inputfield = $event->object;
    // Only for a specific field
    if($inputfield->hasField != 'your_field_name') return;
    $options = $inputfield->options; // Get the existing options
    $inputfield->options = []; // Remove all the existing options
    // Add the options back with attributes
    foreach($options as $value => $label) {
        // Set whatever attributes you want as $key => $value in the last argument of addOption()
        $inputfield->addOption($value, $label, ['disabled' => 'disabled', 'data-foo' => 'bar', 'class' => $this->sanitizer->pageName($label, true)]);
    $event->return = $inputfield;


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      $p->of(false); $p->myOptionsField->removeAll(); // remove previous selected options foreach( $p->fields as $fld ) { // iterate page fields if( $fld->name == 'title' ) continue; // skip page title field if( $fld->name == 'myOptionsField' ) { bd( $input->post('myOptionsField') ); // Shows correct array of selected options $p->set( $fld->name, $input->post($fld->name) ); // No error produced //$p->myOptionsField = $input->post('myOptionsField'); // No error produced //$p->myOptionsField = $input->post($fld->name)->value; // Property of non object error } else { $p->set( $fld->name, $input->post($fld->name) ); // other fields are saved to database } } $p->save(); Note: I've also gotten an error about the sleepValue of the selectableOptionArray, but I don't remember what was wrong with the code to produce it. I left the tags in for this post to help others searching.
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      I'm sure it's been asked before on the forums, but I haven't found a relevant answer after multiple searches.  I have a form on the frontend that mirrors the user profile on the backend. After logging in, I want the user to be able to edit multiple fields on his or her profile. For simple text entries (e.g. First Name, Street Address, Phone Number or Email), and single options (e.g. radio buttons for Gender: male or female or select dropdowns for a Country list), I have no issue and everything works fine: the user first fills out the form then can go back and update whichever field they want. That's standard profile editing stuff from the frontend.
      But I hit a roadblock when I want to offer multiple choices. For example, I have a Select Options field set up to show multiple checkboxes for choosing various types of driver's licences. With the following code (edited for brevity):
      $licence_types = array('B1', 'B', 'A1', 'C1', 'D1'); // same options as defined in my select options field foreach($licence_types as $licence) { $content .= "<label><input type='checkbox' name='licences[]' value='$product'> $licence</label>"; } .... $user->of(false); $user->licences = $licences; $user->save(); $user->of(true); the user can successfully submit this info from the frontend form:

      But now how do I show them the result  of what they submitted when they go back and want to update their profile from the same form? In other words, how do I insert the checked='checked' (or simply 'checked') HTML in the previously selected checkboxes?  For example, if they selected the first two options –B1 and B– in the example above, how do I make these two checkboxes ticked?
      With the following loop, I can show the previously selected checkboxes:
      foreach($user->licences as $licence) { $content .= "<label for='$licence->id'> <input name='licences[]' type='checkbox' id='$licence->id' value='$licence->id' checked>$licence->title</label>"; }  
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      Current I have a field with page reference type.
      Which is showing everything in one column like
      How can we specify the check boxes to show like 
      1    2
      3    4
      5    6
      is it possible to obtain these in the admin panel?

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