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I've made a website for a client, called Ekzaga which serves multiple purposes. It is a forex broker and cryptocurrency exchange directory, as well as a trading tutor marketplace.

The trading tutor marketplace section is hidden as my client is trying to get various tutors to join the website willing to teach students, but it does exist in the code, you just can't access it online.

Launch Ekzaga

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I got my client to send me a Word file in Outline View of the questions and to indent right for every subsequent question, and put the 3 desired outcomes for each question in brackets.

However for two of the questions which appear in succession, how you answer both of the questions, dictates the final 3 results rather than the 3 results being chosen for one option.

What the javascript code does, is have a "mayberesults1" array and "mayberesults2" array for both questions, and it checks whether what 3 results are in "mayberesults2", whether they match what's in "mayberesults1". If they match, it is kept, if there is no match, one of the outcomes from "mayberesults1" is dropped and replaced with one from "mayberesults2". If you use Ctrl+U or Cloverleaf+U then you can see the javascript code for yourself at the bottom of the page. The "results" and "mayberesults1/2" are a HTML tag attribute added to the element you click on. What is inside the attribute are three page id's separated by a pipe symbol, (eg. 473|382|943)

There is also a sitemap which makes use of the Sitemap module. Other modules used are Form Builder, BlogWire Mail SMTP, Padloper will be used in future once my client gets tutors involved on the website.

Below are some screenshots of the website that you won't see on the current website. I prefer the old home page that had the photo on it as it is more graphical and I'm not a fan of minimalism, but the client went with his newest idea for a home page. 

ekzaga brokers listing (forex).png

ekzaga pm thread.png

ekzaga inbox.png

ekzaga login.png

ekzaga settings.png

ekzaga old home page.png

ekzaga unread message.png

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Well spotted!

I am fully aware of this. As my client has not added enough blog posts to the website and the website doesn't get enough traffic as it's not being advertised yet, we both agreed not to format or give stylesheets to those pages. When there are more articles on the blog, it will make sense to style those pages later, as people will want to browse by author, category, tag and date.

Also I think I'll leave the blog/post/ page without a stylesheet as a joke. It's not a page that people are expected to find. ;) Maybe I should add an easter egg there.

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