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Small, Basic Webshop with Processwire


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I need to make a small, easy Webshop for a friend. He is selling 4 music albums.

What would be the best way to go?

Is there a sensible solution for a webshop within processwire? 



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3 hours ago, kuba2 said:

He is selling 4 music albums.

I don't think you need a full webshop system such as Padloper or Snipcart for 4 products.

1 hour ago, kuba2 said:

My PHP is minimal at the moment

Make it easy on yourself and use PayPal buttons - your work will be finished in 30 minutes.

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Please, someone can explain me how I can customize the style of the Stripe payment form? :)

I try to use the same class but doesn't work. I looking inside the module but not have find any css file. If the style come from Stripe how I can change it?
I see the link of the doc, but don't have understand because our module work differente, there isn't one page with the form. or not? 

Thank you.

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