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Adding Module issue


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Hello All,

Ive just went to install HannaCode's but during the install I got a interernal server error. Ive enabled debuge and get the following error

Any ideas?

Compile Error: Cannot redeclare class FormBuilder (line 33 of /home/sites/4b/8/8697d44457/public_html/site/modules/FormBuilder/FormBuilder.module) 

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you may be running into some filecompiler issue, or you have 2 copies of formbuilder somehow in your directory - check to make sure there is only 1 copy of it;

you can force the filecompiler to recompile any file by opening it and adding a line at the end, and saving the file; This kind of thing seems to happens a lot when doing upgrades, some modules need to be recompiled for some reason..

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