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Star Culture - share the love for ProcessWire


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Hi everyone,

I know we'd all like to see ProcessWire grow in popularity (maybe not hugely, but just enough that more people know about it which can help to convince clients to go with it). It strikes me as strange that the ProcessWire Github repo still has less than 300 stars - I'd like to see us well over a thousand which should be an easy task for the forum members to achieve.

I see so many other projects with lots of stars but for some reason it doesn't seem like it is something we tend to do around here, despite being a very active, friendly, and supportive environment.

I also think that starring your favorite modules doesn't hurt either - I think that will also help to increase the visibility from PW and also help out module authors a little as well. If you can show your Github project has a decent number of stars it shows that you are building things that people want which can help you land a job and helps you to convince the client that you and ProcessWire are a good mix.

Anyway, if you have a minute to do some starring of PW and your favorite modules, hopefully it will benefit us all a little.


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Done, 318 :) 

Having almost finished my first ProcessWire project I can honestly say its been a pleasure.

A site / service built out of the PW admin, custom modules etc (theres no frontend at all) to help manage a manufacturing setup.  Has been a great fit and shows how flexible PW is.  Even with learning about PW and not being the strongest PHP coder out there I've manage to get things done in a fraction of the time.

Heres to PW, glass raised :)

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Did also my small contribution. Thanks @adrian for rightly reminding us to show our appreciation for Processwire where possible. Processwire really should be recognized much more in the world.

Maybe it'd be a good idea to place a github link directly on the starting page additionally to the one on the download page...?

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21 hours ago, Karl_T said:

Totally support and bump to "Latest Topics".:rolleyes:

EDIT: Sad it does not work :'(. It would be great if this topic could be more visible.

I'd like to have more people see this as well. I'll let another moderator pin this if they see fit, but in the meantime we have 30 new stars since this post - much appreciated to everyone who took the time, but I am sure we can do much better!

I promise I won't gratuitously bump this again

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Once upon a time the official PW Repo had way more stars on Github. But as @ryan values customer satisfaction over some abstract regalia like numbers stored in Github database (read the whole story here), they got kind of lost (actually not really lost - they are still present, but lost for the marketing purposes). I guess we could have something about one thousand now if this would be dealt differently . But that is old story.

Personally I am visiting https://github.com/trending regularly to see what's going on in the open source world. And stars is what makes me see something. So I am 100% for this @adrian's initiative. And one forum post is not enough for success. At least placing Github star buttons all over the main site and forum and in the sticky top banner somewhere would help. Maybe we could ask @Pete to help here?

As I understand from years being here @ryan is expecting ProcessWire to "market itself". But as community is part of PW, us marketing PW is kind of PW marketing itself anyways :rolleyes:. So let's attract as much stars as we can to make the real star CMS get a primetime!

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I can see you are concerned about ProcessWire project, as you speak so passionate @Donald. But I can't really get the point of all those posts.

Let me guess:

  1. ProcessWire could have some better docs... Partly true, but it's getting better and the code is documented very well. Take a look. I also love Vue docs, but they are also not so helpful when you go from basic stuff to real projects. And as I see it PW is more complicated and has way more stuff to document. And new features are coming more often.
  2. ProcessWire will never beat Vue on github stars... I think so too, but not really due to lack of documentation.
  3. You think that this topic will not help PW get too much stars... Partly true, but anything is better than nothing.
  4. You want to get paid modules for free... I also sometimes think that donation based support could be better for the PW development. But it is not our decision and might not work as well here.
  5. You suggest to buy stars for ProcessWire github repo... Ryan will not do it for sure. Neither will I. If you got some money to spend it is up to you to try it, but I don't not feel like it is up with the ProcessWire spirit, if you will.

Anyway, wanted to share my experience here on the forums. Being gentle always paid out better for me than being provocative))

P.S. The reply is to some posts that were probably removed by either the author or moderators. I did not actually see anything bad about them. But maybe some trolling was reasonably stopped by some good censors)

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An alternative avenue of promoting Processwire to more users is to write a review about it on Capterra.
I think Processwire deserves more than 2 reviews!


Edit : To leave a review, you need to go to this link

Edited by FrancisChung
URL for Review
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1 hour ago, Nick Husky said:

I'm new here. What kind of love? ?

Go here and star the repo)

P.S. And, of course, keep the love to ProcessWire always burning deep in you heart. But do star the repo too, to make your inner feelings make a a change in the world!

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