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Text input in ProcessHello

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Hi Sean:

This is a basic example of how to create a module that has configurable fields.


class Example extends Process implements Module, ConfigurableModule {

    private static $pathDir;
	 * getModuleInfo is a module required by all modules to tell ProcessWire about them
	 * @return array
	public static function getModuleInfo() {

		return array(

			// The module's title, typically a little more descriptive than the class name
			'title' => 'Example Module', 

			// version number 
			'version' => '0.0.1', 

			// summary is brief description of what this module is
			'summary' => 'This module descripton.',
			// author
			'author' => 'Author Name',
			// singular=true: indicates that only one instance of the module is allowed.
			// This is usually what you want for modules that attach hooks. 
			'singular' => true, 

			// autoload=true: indicates the module should be started with ProcessWire.
			// This is necessary for any modules that attach runtime hooks, otherwise those
			// hooks won't get attached unless some other code calls the module on it's own.
			// Note that autoload modules are almost always also 'singular' (seen above).
			'autoload' => true,
			// If true, the module may not be uninstalled once installed.
            'permanent' => false,
			'page' => array( 			// optionally install/uninstall a page for this process automatically
                'name' => 'example-module', 	// name of page to create
                'parent' => '', 	// parent name (under admin) or omit or blank to assume admin root
                'title' => 'Example Module', 	// title of page, or omit to use the title already specified above
			'permission' => 'example-module',
			'requires' => array('PHP>=5.4.1', 'ProcessWire>=2.7.0'),
			'icon' => 'film', // module icon
    public static function getModuleConfigInputfields(array $data) {
        // ------------------------------------------------------------------------
        // Initialize InputField wrapper
        // ------------------------------------------------------------------------
        $fields             = new InputfieldWrapper(); 
        // ------------------------------------------------------------------------
        // Define text input field for the directory path.
        // ------------------------------------------------------------------------
        $field              = wire('modules')->get('InputfieldText');
        $field->name        = 'pathDirectory';
        $field->label       = __('Directory Videos');
        $field->required    = true; 
        $field->columnWidth = 50;
        $field->value       = (!empty($data['pathDirectory']) ? rtrim($data['pathDirectory'],"/")."/" : '/var/www/html/videos/');
        $field->description = __('Description Field.');
        // ------------------------------------------------------------------------
        // Return of the fields.
        // ------------------------------------------------------------------------
        return $fields; 
	public function ___install() {
	 * Initialize the module
	 * ProcessWire calls this when the module is loaded. For 'autoload' modules, this will be called
	 * when ProcessWire's API is ready. As a result, this is a good place to attach hooks. 
	public function init() {
        // Variable from module settings
		self::$pathDir = $this->pathDirectory;
	 * Executed when root url for module is accessed
	public function ___execute() {

        $preview = $this->modules->get("InputfieldMarkup");
        $preview->value .= "<h2>echo " . $this->pathDirectory . "</h2>";
        return $preview->render();


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Okay, so the Processhello module does have a savable text input field, but the input field is at the module's settings page; that might be good enough for now.

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9 hours ago, theo said:


What is the purpose of this module?

This module eventually( as it gets developed ) will be for company/brand details. :rolleyes:

We have been using a special page with lots of custom fields.

This will be more standardized.

Thank you for asking.

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Or use SettingsFactory for your settings page if it can support the fields you need.


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