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Usually I write modules just for me and my projects because they are more or less individual. Mail Debugger is the first module which might be interested for someone else as well. 


Basically it covers two use cases: 

1) Log outgoing emails

2) In debug mode mails are send to a specified email address instead of the original recipient(s)

I checked the compatibility for PW 3+ because unfortunately I don't have any other version for testing currently. Feel free to drop me a comment if the module works also for older PW versions. 

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3 minutes ago, szabesz said:

@adrian Is there such a feature in Tracy? Maybe you are planning to add it? :-[

Your wish is my command :)

I have just extended the Mail Interceptor panel to support an optional "Test Email Address". If it's left empty, it works as before, just capturing all the email output in the panel. If you enter a test email, it will still capture the mails, but also send to that test address. I think this is a nice combo.



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