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nested inputfield page reference


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I use an inputfield Page Reference for managing categories, that are generated from a page tree like so:

  • cat 1
    • subcat 1
    • subcat 2
  • cat 2
    • subcat 3
    • subcat 4
  • etc

I now would like to select the maincategory in a page first. And then based on the selection the subcategories should be offered. Cant find an easy and flexible way for that. Any suggestions?

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Thanks, ottogal,

had a view on the thread. But not exactly what I want. It would be possible to reference different fields, but all manually. If the category taxonomy would increase the new relations would not be refected.

I now think about modifying the display of the input page reference. I think it is done in processPageList.js. But I dont see, how to modify only the one occurance of the page reference field. Maybe musst digg deeper into it.

But would be happy for any easier solution.

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