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Velotraum – finest bicycles from Germany


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Velotraum is a small German manufacturer, building rather costly, individually manufactured bicycles for both globetrotters and everyday bikers. We use RepeaterMatrix for  long structured texts, and we use a lot of individual fields for metadata. We even built our own "preview" function for blog comments and included Textile light for blog comments, too.

Have a look: velotraum.de

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-13 um 12.03.25.png

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44 minutes ago, dragan said:


Did you build the configurator yourself, with PW too? http://wp10757029.server-he.de/konfigurator/public/index.php/konfigurator/konfiguration


When you check it with "isit.pw", it says its not pw:



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2 hours ago, tpr said:

Why the arrow icon when hovering the expanded mobile menu?

Why not? We thought it looked good and shows the expandability ;-)

1 hour ago, dragan said:

No, the configurator is a separate application which is tightly connected to the internal "Warenwirtschaftssystem". It’s done by a different company.

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It’s a rather complex thing. We have 7 base types: Text, Teaserbox, Image(s), Video, Divider, Bike Teaser, Download(s), each of which comes with some additional options for the rendering in the template.

I don’t know what the "depth" feature is :-)


The menu is rather simple, I add the bike images via javascript later, the rest is pretty much a standard menu.

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