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Migrate Processwire with Plugin but Backend does not work as expected

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Hey there, 

i have a big Problem. I migrate Processwire with a Plugin from my local Mama Server to a 1&1 web server. After few Problems with Internal Error (.htaccess), the site looks greta and its work. But my Admin Panel are not working correctly. Before I installed the AdminThemeUIKit but now I can't install ist anymore and I can't refresh my modules. Nothing happens after a mouse click on it. If I am going to the pages, I can't see anything. There isn't a Site Tree or anything else. I can not change anything there. Please help me, it is a huge Problem for me... The admin looks like the very beginning of Processwire !!!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-06 um 15.36.55.png

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-06 um 15.36.59.png

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1 hour ago, titanium said:

You could try this setting in config.php:

$config->defaultAdminTheme = 'AdminThemeUikit';


If I try this I get an Internal Server Error :(

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1 hour ago, Maxplex said:

The admin looks like the very beginning of Processwire !!!


I have been bitten by this several times. Last time it happened, I had two AdminThemeUiKit, one under /site. I deleted that one and the theme was able to load correctly. Similar cases, have been reported here in the forums, albeit with different suggested solutions.

Welcome to the forums.

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24 minutes ago, Maxplex said:

If I try this I get an Internal Server Error :(

Do you have debug mode turned on in config.php?

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8 minutes ago, Maxplex said:

no why?

Because turning it on might display the real reason for the internal server error :)

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59 minutes ago, adrian said:

Because turning it on might display the real reason for the internal server error :)

ok thank you I will try this :)

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1 hour ago, adrian said:

Because turning it on might display the real reason for the internal server error :)

If i click on Modules or setup and then templates or files I can't go on :o I only get the error on this image, I am despair :(

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-06 um 21.51.36.png

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7 hours ago, Maxplex said:

I migrate Processwire with a Plugin from my local Mama Server to a 1&1 web server.

Not sure what kind of plugin you used, but you don't need a plugin to do this task in any case. I'd start over and migrate using a procedure like this:

  1. Export database from local server using phpMyAdmin or similar.
  2. Make ZIP file of all local website files.
  3. Create new database and database user at 1&1. Try to use the same database name and user name as your local site if possible, but no big deal if not possible - you'll just need to edit the details in /site/config.php to match.
  4. Import database from step 1 to the new database you created at 1&1.
  5. Upload ZIP file from step 2 to public_html root. Extract ZIP file (assuming that 1&1 has a file manager that supports unzipping - otherwise you'll have to upload all the website files uncompressed which will take a lot longer).


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14 hours ago, Robin S said:

but you don't need a plugin to do this task in any case

@Maxplex Did you use this one by any chance? https://modules.processwire.com/modules/duplicator/

Duplicator should work but as @Robin S pointed out, manual cloning of the site should work too. I used to install a few sites at 1&1 without issues.

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Looking at the line where that addBodyClass error is coming from:


we can see it's related to the theme issues you are having.

At this point I would copy across all the files from the wire folder again with a fresh set from Github. If that doesn't work on it's own, I'd be calling:


If that doesn't work, empt the assets/cache folder.

Then try the cache db table.


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Thanks this saved my day....cleared caches table, cache files, checked all settings, everything twice.....but overwrite /wire/ folder did the trick..!!


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      ProcessWire 3.0.123
      Uikit v3 admin theme (0.3.0)
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      Kann mir einer sagen, wodurch der Fehler verursacht wirt?
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      Hello Community,
      I hope you could help me further?
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      Unfortunately he shows me a database error that he can not find certain table !!!
      (See image)
      Can someone tell me what causes the error?
      Have it already installed with a buddy and another Local Web server environment. Always the same mistake.

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