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It's drive me crazy, I'm turning in round since days. What means this error? How come the page have no parent when first created (either by admin or form Builder)?


It probably come from my hooks, but I don't where. I put my file but it's messy, I move things around too much often.

Template : activite
Template : organisme

Activity is organized by 1 organisme (via pageRef inputfield) and is located in 1 organisme (pageRef InputField). Submission could be done either by FormBuilder or admin. In case of forms, I need a specific number to be created before email is sent to submitter. This number contains information concerning location.

So I think, the problem is that location is not save before the number is created. But I'm not so sure...

However if someone could just explain what means the error, maybe I could refine where I should search for the error.




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Very much a guess, but it looks like you are trying to manipulate a page that doesn't really exist yet. Have a look at the basic steps here


and see if your flow matches, or perhaps you have missed a $page->save() somewhere.

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