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Sorry, I don't know where to put this, since I'm not sure if it's an issue or a wishlist. This concerns Page Import/Export functionality.

  • Is it possible to specify the order of import?
    Some page have reference to other pages. Since there not yet existent, it create a notice. I solved the issue by re-running the json export to update those pages. However it will easily solved if I could choose which template should be import first (although I think!)
  • I have trouble with images. They get uploaded in /assets... however they don't show up in their respective inputfieldFile


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The page export process should sort by the number of segments in the path to each page so that when you import they will be created in the correct order. At least that is how I handle it in Migrator:

This sounds like a bug to report on Github.


Edited by adrian
Updated link to correct block of code for pathsegments
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