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Hi there!

I need to gather a list of all comments, regardless of the parent page of each comment. Is there a global $comments object, which can do this? Something like:

foreach($comments->find('sort=-created') as $comment) {
// show comment

I did not find anything similar in the forums. Can someone help me?

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I came up with a pretty "close-to-the-metal" solution. Not perfect, but seems to work:

$comments = $database->query('SELECT * FROM field_comments ORDER BY created DESC');
foreach($comments as $c) {
  // $c is an array with raw database values of those comments


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Not tested, but you could search by template(s) and doing something like:


$replies = $pages->find("template=your_template");
	foreach ($repliess as $reply ) {
		foreach ($reply->comments as $message) {
			# code...



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@louisstephens Thank you for your thoughts!

Sure, I could use these "nested" queries to gather a "global comments array", which I would to sort by "created" afterwards. But these are too many steps and seems not very performance efficient.

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this should work :

$field = $fields->get('comments'); 
$comments = $field->type->find($field, "sort=-created");


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