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API manipulation of Reference Page Field

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Is there a way to manipulate Reference Page Fields by the API?

I want users to add page reference items to the field, but found no information about it.

The other option I see is using Repeaters instead and save the page id of the referenced page in the repeater field. But creating or deleting the Reference Page field would be nicer. There is no automatic update of the id in the repeater, in case of a change to the referenced page.

Any solutions?

Cheers Simon


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Welcome to the forums @Schwab

12 minutes ago, Schwab said:

Is there a way to manipulate Reference Page Fields by the API?

I want users to add page reference items to the field, but found no information about it.

Have a read here about WireArrays. A multi page field returns a PageArray (which is derived from a WireArray).






// examples
$someOtherPage = $pages->get(1234);
$page->your_page_field = $someOtherPage;// @note: not sure it works in all contexts
// Add multiple pages


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23 minutes ago, kongondo said:


// examples
$someOtherPage = $pages->get(1234);
$page->your_page_field = $someOtherPage;// @note: not sure it works in all contexts


Thanks kongondo

It is indeed as simple. Both version work actually.

$p = $pages->get(1234);
$p->page_reference_field->add(1111); // add another page by id


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Posted (edited)

Found out the solution myself, thank you!

Edited by VeiJari
Nevermind I was thinking this problem from a wrong standpoint.

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      skill,"/systems/sol/" title,associated_stat,multiplier,special,special_category,body Alien Archeology,Int,4,,,"Skill description" Alien Tech,Tech,4,,,"Skill description" Alien Weapons,Ref,4,1,Weapons,"Skill description" And the file that's giving me issues:(pc_role_category, associated_book, sa_skill are page fields, career_skills is a multiple page field)
      cp-role,"/systems/sol/" title,pc_role_category,associated_book,page_no,verified_via,sa_skill,career_skills,body "Merc","Combat Related","Book Name","8","Book Review","Combat Zen","Athletics|Alien Tech|Drive|Shoot","Role Description" It's the associated_book field that's giving me the issue, if I blank it or put in the PageID it works, but with anything else it errors out with this:
      Fatal Error Call to a member function __unset() on boolean search Source File: ...\core\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypePage.module:439 431: if($value instanceof Page) { 432: // ok 433: } else if($value instanceof PageArray) { 434: $value = $value->first(); 435: } else if(is_string($value) || is_int($value)) { 436: $value = $this->sanitizeValueString($page, $field, $value); 437: if($value instanceof PageArray) $value = $value->first(); 438: if($value->_FieldtypePage_remove === $value->id) { 439: $value->__unset('_FieldtypePage_remove'); 440: $value = null; // remove item 441: } 442: } So, looking at this field, and the associated page template, everything is setup the same as all the other page fields, except that the page template in question (books) has a field that references a page field (associated_system) that I'm not even referencing, so I'm not sure if that's the culprit or not, but that is the only thing that separated this template from the others is this custom label code and that the pages are outside of the parent:

      And yes, I've removed the custom label and it still has the same error.
      With my luck it's something simple, but I can't see it... Any help would be appreciated
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