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ProcessWire Kickstart

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Hi @gornycreative

this could work, yes. But I guess there would be 1000 edge cases that could make that setup fragile. I've used Kickstart on almost all installations for the last couple of months years 😲 and had no problems, but for example on my new live server I get a 500 (though the installation works afterwards, but I have to clean some files manually... likely a permissions issue).

What I'd really like to have is some kind of simple and solid kickstart that installs RockMigrations and can then do whatever you want.

52 minutes ago, gornycreative said:

I suppose the advantage to a recipe would be always pulling the latest master branches for certain dependencies?

Yeah, you always get the latest versions of PW and all the modules and you stay flexible in the setup (just comment out unneeded modules).

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