I'm very happy to share my newest module called "ProcessWire Kickstart" that I developed during the holidays  Maybe some of you already saw the preview thread about this... What it does: This module makes it possible to install ProcessWire in a fully automated process. You can define all necessary settings in one single php file and you can even define "recipes" that  get executed after installation. This means you can install modules, adopt settings and do whatever you want with your new site using the PW API (like creating pages and so on). You could also place a kind of frontend boilerplate on your git account and grab that after installation and place it in your templates folder. I ran out of time so maybe someone could try that out and show how he did it Additional to that there is a ProcessModule to install in your ProcessWire admin which makes creating and testing recipes super easy.   Note: Alpha realese until this module gets some more testing. Please be careful with this tool since it does some heavy file system manipulations (unzipping, moving and DELETING whole directories...). Use at your own risk.   Usage: Just grab a copy of the kickstarter, place it on your server, visit yournewsite.com/kickstart.php, adjust settings (like username+password) as needed and hit "install". If your mysql user does not have the rights to create a new database then you have to create a database before running the installer!   Download: via SSH: cd /var/www/yournewsitedirectory wget baumrock.com/kickstart.php Manually: Klick baumrock.com/kickstart.php and upload the file to your server Note: baumrock.com/kickstart.php returns the current master file from the gitlab repo and changes the namespace of the script so that it can install itself via recipe. If you don't need to install the kickstart processmodule via recipe you could also download the kickstart.php file from gitlab.   Screenshots/Walkthrough: The initial Screen: You can either upload a file via the left panel or take my example file from the gitlab repo: This way you can create your own kickstartfiles and host it on your own accounts. When the file is loaded you can easily edit all necessary informations, like username, password and the url where to grab ProcessWire from. I just tried it with an old version as well... 2.7 worked just fine (having the old installer that recently was updated) but an ancient 2.2.4 version failed. I don't think anybody will ever need to install lots of old versions of pw with this tool but I wanted to mention it here. Hit "install" and lean back - on my VPS it takes 15 seconds to install my very own custom version of processwire with all modules that i need  After logging into your admin you'll see that all modules from your recipe are installed:     Recipe Editor: As recipes are executed after processwire was installed you have all your API magic available there. Running this scripts is only possible inside of a working processwire installation, so I created a module to help you with that task. See the comments of the sample recipe for more information!   I hope this tool helps you to save lots of time and create lots of awesome ProcessWire websites  I would be happy to see how you use this and please share useful recipes here in the thread so that everybody can profit. Maybe you just want to throw in an idea what could be done (for example I can imagine a recipe that checks file permissions on the system after installation)... Some parts of the code and maybe also part of the idea are taken from @Soma 's old and still great online installer, thx for that!