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How to structure a list of Members


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after working with PW for a while, im still unsure sometimes,  how to structure certain Data.

In this case it is a List of Members.

Each Member consists of his name and a list of his duties.

In the template file i need separate access to the name and the duties 

I was thinking about a Repeater Matrix with one textfield for the Membername, and a textarea with newline to UL for the duties?

What do you suggest how to structure the Data in the PW template ? Is there a better way?

Tips and suggestions more then welcome.


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Are the duties "free-form"? Or do you have a structured set of duties? If the latter, I would pagefields.

I would do it without repeater matrix.

parent page Members + child pages with tpl member

Somewhere a parent page with child pages to store each duty.

Then just use two text fields (firstname + lastname - gives you more possibilities for sorting), plus pagefields (select or checkboxes) for duties.

You can control access rights on field-level.

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On 08/01/2018 at 1:49 AM, elabx said:

This is gold!!! Can't believe I've lived without this info. +1 on the unified resources thread haha

Adrian pointed this one out to me a while ago and damned if I could find it the other day, thanks!

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