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PW > 3.0.86: PNG images can't be cropped anymore?


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With 3.0.86 in Firefox Quantum (Windows 10) I see all kinds of weird stuff:

  • First time after saving a new PNG (upload pic, save page), then click on "crop", I get weird dimensions: someting like 1200 x 33px instead of 1200x1800px.
  • Second try: Image shows in correct width/height proportions, crop seems to work alright. I hit save, and "save as copy", but I get an exact same size copy as the original. No error messages either in JS console.*
  • A third try on that "cropped, but not actually cropped" image gets more weird: the image is now shown as a 50x60px thumbnail, but the values in pixels show something else entirely.

* I get heaps of CSS warnings though: e.g. cropper.min.css

Editing / cropping JPGs works fine, btw.

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clarification about JPGs
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