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[solved] Changing permissions of a children of admin template


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How do I change the permissions for Who can access this page for a single page.

This page inherits the admin template.

I'm currently creating a new page called Settings using admin template and assigning it to a process of a module. I can see the Settings tab in superuser, but I can't see them in a role I defined called 'client'.

So, how can i control what the client sees for admin template? Is there a page specific overwrites for permissions. I've tried allowing access in admin template view, edit. But still doesn't work

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Access for Process modules is managed using the 'permission' item in the getModuleInfo() array. You can also create the permission and the page for the Process via getModuleInfo(). You'll need to uninstall then reinstall your module for the settings to take effect.

See Ryan's ProcessHello demo module.

And the comments in the Process class.

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Hi thanks! Managed to follow your tips. However, I still unable to see the tab on the masthead.

I did managed to add the permissions and add them to my Role 'Client'. So previously, I can't access url/admin/settings. But right now I can access url/admin/settings using the permission.

But still unable to figure out how to see the Settings tab.

This is the superuser view

While the client view is

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