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Different sorting results find() vs. sort() - why?


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Given three pages with the following titles:

  • Deutschland
  • Österreich
  • Schweiz

I noticed that I get different results for a sort inside a selector and an explicit sort(). See the following example: 

// A) just use selector as usual
$countries = $pages->find('parent=countries,sort=title');
foreach($countries as $country) {
	echo $country->title . "\n";
// result: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz - ok

// B) put pages in separate array and sort afterwards
$countries = $pages->find('parent=countries');
$whitelist = new PageArray;
foreach($countries as $country) {
foreach($whitelist as $country) {
	echo $country->title . "\n";
// result: Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich - huh?

It seems to be obvious that it has something to do with the umlaut in Österreich. Maybe a bug?

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