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Exclude 500.html from file appending/prepending

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I'm using the delayed output method on a site I'm building, so I have this on my config.php file:

$config->prependTemplateFile = './_init.php';
$config->appendTemplateFile = './_footer.php';

This approach is working great but I'm now facing a problem with error pages, in particular, with the errors/500.html page. I need to find a way to stop the appending and prepending of the above files to the 500.html file.

This is easy enough to do when there are templates involved, like in the following example:


However, how do I exclude the 500.html when there's no template associated with it?


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4 hours ago, DaveP said:




Thanks, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. Any other ideas?

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Sorry guys, upon further testing, it seems like PW is not appending or prepending the files to the error page at all, so problem solved.

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