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Robin S

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38 minutes ago, Flashmaster82 said:

If i add a webp image url i get error "Pageimage: johnrogershousemay2020.0x260.webp - not a supported image type"... ? Any idea whats wrong?

The core InputfieldImage does not support webp format.

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1 hour ago, Flashmaster82 said:

Any solutions?

I added support for automatic WebP to JPG conversion via the WebP To JPG module. To make use of this update to Add Image URLs v0.3.0 and install/update to WebP To JPG v0.2.0.

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10 hours ago, Flashmaster82 said:

Is it possible to add Avif format?

No, not unless the core image field supported avif format at some point in the future. This module doesn't change which file formats are supported by an images field.

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