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not all pages showing up using Page Autocomplete


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What could be the reasons why not all pages appear in my page referefence field with page autocomplete?

I have a dozen pages that should appear, with a 4-letter string that never show up.


My selector should be fine:

parent=1041, template=project, id!=id, sort=vertec, include=all

Where does it actually look for the suggestions? only default page-title? I tried with title and several other fields, also custom variations for the label, e.g.

{vertec}, {title}, {client_name} {year}

Q1: In which fields does PW look for autosuggestions? only title? Can it be configurable to look also elsewhere (let's say 3 text fields)

Q2: Does my custom labeling actually change anything in the behavior of autosuggest? (I guess not)


In my case, I have over 1000 pages under one parent. Using the other option "page-selector" is not a real option (paginate several times...)

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25 minutes ago, dragan said:

What could be the reasons why not all pages appear in my page referefence field with page autocomplete?

Unless it was changed recently, AsmSelect and PageAutocomplete are configured to return 50 results. Could that be the reason why some results not showing up?

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Wow. I don't even see such a section. I quickly switched to type select, and then I have only one text-input, but I don't see all these search operators. Or "fields to query for autocomplete" :(

PW 3.0.81, btw.



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added screenshot
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14 minutes ago, dragan said:

Alright. If I choose multiple, I get this settings panel as well. 

Why doesn't it appear if I choose single page? o_O

The screen I showed was from going to /Setup/Field and picking the field that has been assigned Page AutoComplete as in input.

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If you're on a mac,

- CMD+Shift+3 will screenshot screen and save it on the desktop

- CMD+Shift+4 will let you select area and save it on desktop (while dragging use Alt and Shift for additonal control of area selection)

+ additionally hold "Ctrl" to have it in clipboard to paste somewhere. (you can even paste it directly into this forum editor)


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Thanks for all the suggestions. GreenShot didn't work (captured only closed dropdown,  not the open state). PicPick works great :)

Back to the original question:

Here's what I mean...

If I choose the option shown in single.png, the settings panel never shows up.

If I choose the option shown in multiple.png, everything works as expected.



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2 hours ago, dragan said:

If I choose the option shown in single.png, the settings panel never shows up.

I can confirm this (PW 3.0.84). Must be a bug. To get around this, like you said previously, just choose the one under Multiple Page Selection (sortable). It will still work with your Single Page field. 

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  • 1 year later...

Hi Kongondo,

I have recently installed your latest  Processwire "Blog" module with version 3.0.123 and included your example templates and fields.

Although it is a minor issue, I thought it may help some other Processwire users to know that the "blog_tags" field (of type Page Reference) in the template "blog_post" does not appear to work in our particular hosted environment unless the "Page Auto Complete"  and the "Settings specific to Page Auto Complete" are modified to the first recommended setting as opposed to the second recommended setting (Input field tab) i.e. "Contains phrase or partial word (using fulltext index) - Recommended (this 1st option functions ok).

However, in further testing so far,  I believe that it is a "Core" issue with this particular field type when used in conjunction with the "Page Auto Complete" option as I have been unable to get it working with "Contains phrase or partial word (using LIKE) - Recommended". As this is the default option, it may also be a problem when it is used for other purposes unless you know to change the default afterwards.

Hope this is helpful.



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