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Client-side routing (page.js)


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Hi, everyone!

I'm going to start a new nice site, but the client wanted absolutely a site like one he found surfing the web.
It has a smart navigation system, like an app, so you won't find "jumps" between the pages.

It's super cool and i found it uses page.js as client-side routing, loading the main content with ajax calls.

So, this is my question. Do you think i will find some problem using this script, or maybe i'll find some conflicts with processwire internal routing?
Maybe here there is someone who already used this type of client-side routing with PW?

I'd lile to use PW, with many different page templates...

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Got to agree with @Pixrael. While page.js seems nice, it's probably overkill in this case, and since you already have ProcessWire to provide routing, it makes sense to just add JavaScript-powered transitions on top of that. I've used http://barbajs.org/ in the past for this purpose.

As a bonus compared to pure JavaScript approach you won't have to worry about search engines, non-JS enabled browsers, etc. as they'll still get the "regular page load experience" :)

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