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select option field is not saving


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2 hours ago, zaib said:

@Tom. yes more than 6000, basically i'm select option is holding all airport  city code like 'LHR,DXB,LAX etc..'. for page references do i need to create 6000 pages?

I would encourage to do that, it also means you can use something like Page Auto Complete so you don't have to scroll through a huge dropdown trying to find the airport you are looking for but instead you can just type it out. 

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The easiest is probably to use a module like this https://modules.processwire.com/modules/import-pages-csv/

To avoid timeout errors, you maybe have to split your data into smaller chunks, and/or temporarily increase PHP script execution time + memory.

Writing a script yourself would look a bit like this (of course you'd have to hold your data in an array and do a foreach)


Helper library for parsing CSVs: https://github.com/parsecsv/parsecsv-for-php

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13 hours ago, zaib said:

@dragan how can i create 6k pages with AP, is there any processwire module ? can you help me in this.

thank you.

I would go with the import option in BatchChildEditor (https://processwire.com/talk/topic/6102-batch-child-editor/)

12 hours ago, dragan said:

Helper library for parsing CSVs: https://github.com/parsecsv/parsecsv-for-php

Batch Child Editor makes use of this library.

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