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Image field problem/bug/limit?


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Hello together,

I have a problem with the image field and in my case it seems that there is a limit of how much images can be in such field.

The following case:
I have around 20 pages. Each has a usual image field, where I can upload an unlimited number of images (array).
Most of the pages got 50-200 images but one page got 411 images (I know, it’s much :) )

Now, when I change the order of one image (let’s say I drag & Drop the first image after the third) or delete one image by clicking on the trashcan, everything runs fine. BUT when I click SAVE the image won’t be deleted or moved to it’s new place. You can change anything else on the page - I have a text field there - and save it, no problem.
Interestingly I can add (upload) new images but I’m not able to delete or move them.

- The file size of the images are between 200kb and 1.7MB, RGB, JPGs.
- When I duplicate the page and try to delete/move I got the same problem.
- I also created a whole new page and got the same problem
- Also tried a different server (virtual and online): same problem
- ProcessWire 3.0.62

So, is there a limited to the images field? Any clues except limiting the image files to max. +-200 images?


Thanks so much in advance and have a great weekend.


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