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User Role for 'Edit Pages', unable to edit pages


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In PW I created a user 'tester' and gave the access to create edit and new. Issue is I'm unable to see 'edit' link in front of each page link and pages that i want to edit is already created.

any help in this will be great help.


Thank you.



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Thanks.  Can you also confirm that the page "Atlantis the palm" is assigned to the "t5Hotel_List" template?  Also make sure that any fields in this template don't have their own access permissions assigned. 

To make things clear to everyone, please provide the versions of the following:  ProcessWire and PHP.   Providing the OS and it's version would also help with troubleshooting this issue.

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Are you able to upgrade your ProcessWire install?  The reason I asked is that @ryan has upgraded things related to roles.


You may want to check this blog entry and see if this will make your permissions problem easier to work with?

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