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Is it possible - simple project management with ProcessWire


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Hello, all 

I have been thinking for while for simple project management built with ProcessWire.  Projects inside , tasks for every projects with working persons, files for every project with different subjects in project , persons with different rights which working on project and messaging system for each project. It is important for files to have version control.  Anyone with a similar experience for that kind of web application based on ProcessWire or advices are welcome! 

Thanks in advance!   

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Hi awebcreature,

I'm actually developing 2 projects which are similar to this. In on project it's possible to manage time entries for projects an in the other project the people can manage keys, smartphones, cars, clients, entries for clients, documents which are nessecary for clients. So my advice is that you plan everything on a white sheet of paper and then you can code it with ease in ProcessWire. You can manage the structure of the project with the help of ProcessWire

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of course it it possible :) 

 i would recommend you to stay inside the pw backend and adapt it to your needs rather than building a frontend on your own. it's really versatile and easy to use once you get the basic concepts of inputfields:


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