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I think it would be a great advantage for images to have an option to translate image tags, alongside the translatable description field (when using PWs language feature at all). 

This feature could improve the multi language support in ProcessWire even further, thus the usability of it. 

As a side effect that would also mean, that image tags could be easily used with the search engine, when dealing with a lot of images. 


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hi androbey, welcome to the forum.

you might already have an option for what you want:

    this would mean you also get different images for different languages, meaning more storage needed but also the option of different images in different languages
    this creates a page for every uploaded image meaning you could have 1 image but multiple tags with a regular multilanguage-textfield


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Hi bernhard,

thank you for your tips. You're right, using a workaround I could nearly get the desired outcome. 

However, I would say that both solutions come with a huge downside (uploading more images than necessary..) . 

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    • By androbey
      Hello there,

      I was wondering if it's possible to somehow translate image tags. 

      Right now I have a page which outputs all images related to one tag in a single container (as there are many tags this results in various containers).

      Every container has a title (and id) with the tag string, but currently only in the language of the entered tags.

      Using the PW format inside the code like this does, of course, not work.. 
      _x($variable,'translated Tag') Is there a way to achieve this, without using workarounds (like extra fields)?