Processwire as a Headless CMS

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Upon reading these articles

I was thinking that PW can be used for a Jamstack or Headless CMS with no changes at all.

You can easily create  REST Api with PW or use the GraphQL module


So ProcessWire is an Open Source Headless CMS since 2010 :)

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Maybe I don't fully understand the term headless, but I would have thought that PW is ALWAYS headless, even with our typical way of using the API.

Surely headless doesn't just mean delivery via JSON etc, but rather simply no forced output. I have used PW in the "regular" way for websites, but also as a JSON source for SPA web apps and mobile apps. In my mind, these are all headless, but maybe I I still don't get it, or maybe that is actually what you are saying anyway :)

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5 hours ago, adrian said:

Maybe I don't fully understand the term headless, but I would have thought that PW is ALWAYS headless, even with our typical way of using the API.

I'd say that technically ProcessWire probably isn't a headless CMS – but it can of course be used as one, and quite effectively for that matter :)

ProcessWire is very much a border case, but my impression is that if you can build a front-end with(in) a CMS, it's no longer strictly speaking a headless CMS. And you can build a front-end with ProcessWire. Sure, you interact with an API, but it's a "local" or "in-app" API, not (only) an external one.

Hope that makes sense. And, mind you, I'm not saying that ProcessWire is worse than a "real" headless CMS – in fact I'd argue that it's a better choice for many use cases, but that's obviously up to debate :P

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ProcessWire is even more, it has capabilities to be a

  • conventional CMS with highly configurable Administration Interfaces, Templatesystem, Database Mangement/ Access and render tools for the output of dynamic markup
  • headless CMS providing content data via API (JSON, GraphQL) and optionally static HTML + JavaScript (HUGO/ Jekyll)
  • WAF (Web Application Framework) a platform to build a headless CMS or other App/ SaaS on top of fit

Make your choice! :rolleyes:


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sigh... I must say some folks are quite good at marketing. I don't blame them. It's a free market. There's nothing I saw in this article that wouldn't be possible with PW (and without any extra modules either), more or less out of the box. What Magnolia calls fragments is apparently nothing more than PW's fields. But I have to hand it to them, they seem to know how to translate all that tech lingo to marketing speak.


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OMG, not again...


So what is it? Headless CMS is a Content Management System without a front-end. There is no theme to choose, no pages or UI to build your web pages. Its Wordpress but you provide the webpage.

There is no presentation layer.

You create the content, but you don’t specify where it is presented. The content itself is only available as raw content that can be requested by apps via a programmatic API.

By that definition, PW is most definitely a HCMS...

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