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Slider Recommendation (Slider Pro)

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Hi Guys

Since I nearly always needed a Slider for my websites, I've searched for a Slider which I could use for every Project or better said for different scenarios. So It had to be a rich-feature, responsive and customizable Slider which could be adapted/changed hassle-free to different needs of customers. In the end I found this nice jQuery Slider Plugin called "Slider Pro" (don't worry, it is MIT licensed :)) which I think fulfills all expectations above and it also works very well for me. Perhaps it is also useful for you.

Github Link: https://github.com/bqworks/slider-pro/

PS: What kind of Sliders are you using for your projects? Do you build your Sliders from scratch?

Greetings Nukro

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If you care about accessibility (and I think you should), stay away from Slider "Pro"... it's an accessibility nightmare. DIV-soup, no semantic markup, you can't navigate with keyboard, and screenreaders will most likely be confused.

I'm a big fan of Slick. Highly configurable and lightweight.


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I am using owl carousel since many years and it never disappointed me.
You can build some crazy shit with it. slick is great, too.

some requirements for me are:
lazy load for background-images and <img>, events, multiple synced sliders, smooth animations, touch & drag friendly


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4 hours ago, dragan said:

I'm a big fan of Slick. Highly configurable and lightweight.

I once was a fan of slick too, but I do remember I had some problems with it - I wanted to build a fade transition and the images didn't cleanly cross-fade from a certain build on anymore (I think it was > version 1.5). I switched to Swiper (http://idangero.us/swiper/) since then.

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