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Weird Bug with Page Ref Fields

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In PW 3.0.80 I've experienced a bug when using multiple Page Ref fields. The Select button keeps fading in and out again. I've made a video to illustrate the problem. Any ideas how to solve this?

video showing the error: PageRefError.mov

greetings, d.

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Just tried it with a fresh install of 3.0.80 and I am able to reproduce the error described above. Anyone also getting the same results? Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. create a Page Reference field with page field value type Single Page and input field type Page List Select

2. create a Page Reference field with page field value type PageArray and input field type Page List Select Multiple

3. assign these two fields to a template 

4. edit a page of that template type and try to select a page.



I pushed it to the server here so you can take a look http://dada.ninja/page-ref-error/processwire/ User: admin / Password: pageref  > take a look at the home and try to select something in the fields pageref or pagerefs

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40 minutes ago, BitPoet said:

Does this also happen on local installs? I'm asking because your demo site uses cloudflare's rocket loader, which may break some javascript.

It has to be something along this, as after I login, I don't get page tree, just header. I also get no content on Pages, Setup, Modules, Access...

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Does not make a difference if its local or remote. Turned Cloudflare in Development mode, Backend is working normally except from the bug.

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30 minutes ago, gmclelland said:

Did you turn off cloudflare's rocket loader?

He did. It look like ProcessPageList.js is hiding it in SetTimeout. But I can't find out why. And, I can't reproduce on my install... 

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Is ProcessPageList.js the stock js file and not a modified one?

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Can't tell for sure, but it looks like... its minified, but files are equal.

@dreerr are you sure you installed "clean", that is you are not overwriting wire folder but instead create a new wire folder? Just to be sure...

<ul class="PageListActions actions" style="display: none; opacity: 0;">...</ul>

This is triggered on hover, I can "see" the style is changed to display: inline; opacity: 1 but after that it is hidden by Jquery hide()...

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I could reproduce the problem with a clean install. It seems that all event listeners on the page list select items get attached twice. I didn't have time to check with different browsers though. I might be able to do some more digging tomorrow when I'm back at work.

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@tpr I did no modifications whatsoever. 

Yes @matjazp it's stright from the GitHub repository.

Thank you @BitPoet that I'm not the only one with the error, I've experienced the problem with Chrome, Safari, iOS Safari and Firefox so far.

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