Is it possible to create an advance eCommerce website?

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Hi there community,


I'm new to this site. Basically I just discovered processwire. I was always a fan of Joomla but recently I came across a site which was designed by processwire. I looked at some of modules on processwire website but couldn't find the module I need.


I want to create a website that does the custom configuration of a product and provides product filtering.

Something similar to this site but not exactly the same.


Is there a module that can do that?


Basically the product configuration is done by checking the compatibility values between the categories, so the module need to support product tagging or some sort of value check to only display compatible products. 


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Hey Sam,

Welcome!  It's definitely possible to build something like that.  There's a few reasons why you didn't find an exact module for what you're trying to do.

ProcessWire is more of a development framework and toolset than a plug-and-play CMS.  It provides you easy access to a relational database, user and session management, querying, and front-end rendering through its API.  As that's the case, much of what you want to do – create product records with categories and tagging, and query those records with those fields – can be done pretty easily with native PW functionality.

A skeletal walk-through of how you might do this:

  1. Create a Product template in the admin.
  2. Create the fields you'd like for the Product – probably a Title, Body, Categories, and Tags.  The last two could either be hard-coded (as a Select – more rigid) or relational (as a Page Reference/PageArray, using other Pages as data – more flexible).
  3. Create Pages with the Product template, and populate the data.
  4. Create a Product front-end template, /site/templates/Product.php (file shares the same name as your admin template name), with code like this:
    <div class="body">
    <div class="categories">
      <?php foreach ($page->categories as $c): ?>
      	<?=$c->value?> <!-- This is assuming your Categories are a simple Option fieldtype, without titles. -->
      <?php endforeach ?>
    <div class="tags">
      <?php foreach ($page->tags as $c): ?>
      	<?=$c->title?> <!-- This is assuming your Tags are a Page Reference fieldtype. -->
      <?php endforeach ?>

  5. Edit your front-end home template, /site/templates/home.php, and list some of your Products, maybe like this:
    <ul>  <!-- List pages with Product template, limit results to 10 -->
      <?php foreach ($pages->find('template=Product, limit=10') as $p): ?>
        <a href="<?=$p->url?>">
    <?php endforeach ?>


That'll get you started with displaying and querying Pages.  You might want to take a look at this article to better understand how Templates, Fields, and Pages relate to each other.

E-commerce is one of the less well-represented areas of ProcessWire, but is 100% doable.  The main bits that don't exist out-of-box are a shopping cart, order management, and the checkout process, but could definitely be built using PW.  The module Padloper has both a cart and checkout process.  You could get something mostly self-contained like Stripe or Snipcart running within a PW install in short order.   Whatever the case, E-commerce in PW, and in fact most systems, will require some development and figuring out.  Hope that helps!

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There exist two Pro modules which will help you to build this e-commerce website. Padloper (already mentioned) and Variations (check the tutorial and the video)


Also there are two good reads on Snipcart, a tutorial and a case-study - a must read even if you plan to not use Snipcart:


Welcome to the forum @Samk80 and good day to you  ;)


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As evan mentioned above, ProcessWire lacks support of shop modules. I built 3 Shops with ProcessWire within the last year. The first one with the help of Padloper, the other two (b2b-shops) without Padloper. Take the time to write down evertything about the structure of your producst and then you can start developing your own very flexible solution for your customer. By the way, it's very easy to do complex imports (XML or JSON) and exports of products or orders (PDF - pages2pdf, XML, JSON) for other systems. So there is no need to manage the orders within ProcessWire. The import can be startet manually or via cron by night. But you can do this also... maybe not so shiny as in magento or shopware. In one solution the customer can put everything with an import into the shop and the orders run back via email into the system. The customer nearly never uses the backend.

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Hey there @Samk80, Max from Snipcart here. Don't hesitate to ping us at should you decide to give our product a try! We'd be glad to help.

And a huge thanks to @evan & @flydev for mentioning Snipcart. Goes a long way! :rolleyes:

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