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"Login/Register/Profile" module - using it without password


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I'm also playing with Ryans new module LOGIN/REGISTER/PROFILE (LoginRegister). I wonder if it's possible (and if it makes sense) to use it without the login/profile functionality. I need a registration form for the newsletter. The only fields I need are mail address and user name. I can't get rid of the required password field. I could hide it in the frontend of course and fill it with some generated data, but that's not very elegant. Actually I already have a working solution with SimpleForms, I just thought it might be more straight forward to use Ryans basic module. - What do you think?

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The module is about dealing with users of the system. Building a list of "leads" is not the same thing, so this is not the module to solve it. There can be use cases when the set of users overlap the set of leads but that should be handled differently and is a more complex issue. SimpleForms is the simplest way to collect your leads, I do not think switching to LoginRegister is worth the effort.

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