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Page (SELF) not saved in Page Reference


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I try to use a page reference to make an overview site, but i cannot select (save) the page i use the field on.

-page 1
-- article 1
-- article 2
-page 2
-- article 3
-- article 4

all templates of the pages are selected in selectable templates in field definition.

i am on page 1 and i want to select page 1 as reference. i can select all pages, but if i save, all pages are there (if i select all of them) but not page 1.

anyone can help, or is this the way it should be?


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It turns out PW doesn't allow that.

 * Return PageArray of selectable pages for this input
 * @param Page $page The Page being edited
 * @return PageArray|null
public function ___getSelectablePages(Page $page) {
    // ...

    if($children && $children->has($page)) {
        $children->remove($page); // don't allow page being edited to be selected

    return $children; 


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Hmm, you can forcibly add it using this hook, though, (not tested)

// site/ready.php

wire()->addHookAfter('InputfieldPage::getSelectablePages', function (HookEvent $e) {


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On 3/20/2017 at 8:39 PM, Soma said:

Yeah because if you reference a page in it self, it would create a endless reference.

Like @Soma said, I guess this is for preventing circular references when using the field in selectors. It's better if you add it manually in your code

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