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Hello girls and guys,

i'm looking for an Italian ProcessWire Developer that could help me with a website.

I've developed a web platform for car sellers since three year now. The website is a training and motivational platform, and every year it has a new "edition" with a new theme a new graphics, but the backend part is mostly the same every year.

This year the platform has to be released around the 30th of November but i won't be working for 2 weeks around that date.

So I'm looking for someone who can maintain the website and  help my clients with possible bugs or problems during these two weeks. This person should know how PW works, should be able to understand and write PHP and fix some minor problem on the front-end side.

My client is Italian that's why he or she has to be Italian-speaking.

If you are interested or you know someone who cold fit this request, please send an email to andrea at andreaverde dot it or write me a pvt message here.


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