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Chris Falkenstein

Seeking US-based developer to complete PW project

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Hi all.  We're a small web firm out of Pennsylvania, USA.  We're seeking a reliable web developer to collaborate with in the completion of a project built on Processwire.  We'll need to team up with someone that is:

  • US-based, preferably on the east coast (same timezone)
  • Responsive and reliable - will respond to questions in a timely manor
  • A frontend developer - can take existing HTML/CSS/JS and built on them to complete required front end specs
  • A backend/Processwire developer - can take existing PW templates and build on them to complete required back end specs

Some key features that need to be implemented are:

  • Build listing and detail pages for 3 collections of records (e.g. blog, products, companies)
  • Implement ajax driven filtering and sorting on the listed records
  • User registration - Users can manage profile and mark specific records (products) as favorite

Some additional details:

  • This project contains products but is not a transactionall website. It is not an eCommerce site, no cart, checkout, etc.
  • The design work is complete. The records are already being populated by the client using PW
  • The PW edit pages and structure are in place although additional work will be required to support registered users
  • We would like to complete the website by mid- November, 2017.

We can certainly provide additional details to those that are interested. Please send us an email.

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