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PW 3.0.76 – Login/Register/Profile, ProCache, Uikit 3


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56 minutes ago, cb2004 said:

This module has been out 2 weeks, if in 6 months it is full of bugs and security issues and nothing is being done let's revisit this post. There should be positivity around this, not negativity. 

While I can't speak for everyone, I think we're all being positive and supportive. We are grateful this now exists. However, I think there is a valid argument to be made in the desire for a paid enterprise level solution that will give us peace of mind in trusting that such a critical component of a website is a high priority with proper attention, development and support. Raising this point isn't negativity, it's just an expression of concern.

I work with large organizations that have thousands of members. I need a solution that is rock solid, that I can trust will have bugs and support issues attended to in a timely manner. It just stands to reason that a paid solution is going to receive higher priority than a free one.

You're right, it's new and let's see how things are in a few months.

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Thanks again for making Login/Register/Profile available. It looks like it will serve 99% of my needs with one exception.

What are the chances that the Login/Register/Profile module will support images soon? I've been playing with the module and want to use it on a community project that I've had in mind for a while, but just noticed your disclaimer:

"You should stick to using simple text-based fields for now. File/image fields, repeaters, rich text editors and combination fields fields are not supported on the front-end at present."

I'm willing to be a guinea pig for testing if that helps facilitate the functionality.

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