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Martin Muzatko

Custom page type data initialized only after method called?

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When I create a custom pagetype by extending the Page class, as explained in the guides, all works good so far.

However, if I want to get data of that page (like its children, etc) the data only seems to be initialized after calling a method.

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

class Event extends Page {

    public $registrations;
    public $items;

	public function __construct(Template $tpl = null) {
		if(is_null($tpl)) {
			$this->template = $this->wire('templates')->get('event');
		if(!$this->parent_id) $this->set('parent_id', $this->wire->pages->get('/events/'));
      	// is null?
        $this->registrations = $this->get('template=event-registrations');

    public function register()
	    $this->get('template=event-registrations'); // is different from $this->registrations



So in __construct, there is no access to the page objects data, like title etc. But when I call a function such as $event->register, I get the proper data.
So my question is, is there a way to initialize that data, without retrieving all the data only after I call the method? Or do I need to hook all methods and then do the data initializing?

I think alternatively I could create a getRegistrations() function and call that in every other method where I need the registrations.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

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