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Form Builder submit to another URL

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devatgwl    9


I'm wondering how to add the value of a field to a URL when submitting a form, while also processing the form with FormBuilder and storing the entry in the CMS. Is this even possible with the versions below?

FB 0.2.5 | PW 2.7.2

Is there still a dedicated Form Builder forum here anymore?

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kongondo    5,014
1 hour ago, inthooz said:

s there still a dedicated Form Builder forum here anymore?

Yes. Maybe your annual subscription expired?

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    • By helmut2509
      I am just working on a multi-language pw app. Default language is german, then comes english.
      the language segment for english in the url is 'en-home' , eg. '../en-home/products', I think this was taken as a default option.
      (this happened several months ago, so I do not remember exactly...).
      Now I want to change this segment simply to 'en'. However, in 'Pages...Settings', only the part AFTER 'en-home' is editable, so I do not see any possibility
      to change this segment. Neither do the Languages Settings offer such a possibility ;-((
      Or do I miss something?
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      I need some help with changing the URL for default language pages. I have two languages one is hidden at the moment for future use. Now I would like the default language URL to be only the site name and a page without /en how can I achieve that.
      I want my URL to be like and not Now only the home page has the right URL all other have /en. ...
      I looked through the forum but no luck so far.
      Thank you
      Ok, I got it, I just had to delete the EN in my homepage setting and now it is working, I found it on a forum. Thank you anyway   
    • By cosmicsafari
      Hi All,
      Just a quick question, if a form has an upload field should there be a working link in the subsequent email which allows you to view the uploaded file?
      As it stands only the name and size of the file appears in the email although viewing the source it appears wrapped in anchor tags, albeit without any href attribute.
      I'm not sure if this is the correct result or if I have somehow managed to cause this and there should be a working link to the uploaded file.
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      In one Page I would like to put a lot of url.
      There is url's field.
      Now, I add url's field to one template, but I don't know to add 2 or 3 or 10 url's field in that same template... the problem is simple, but processwire don't allow it...

    • By fabjeck
      Hi all. Some days ago I migrated my website from local (xampp) to online. Everything works fine exept one thing. When i try to fill a field of the type "url" (with an external link) i get an 403 - forbidden message. Writting text in textfields , body etc. works. Now I don't know if the problem comes from processwire or the server itself...
      Did anybody have the same/similar troubles?
      Thanks for helping!